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Our Creative Process​

Our Animated Explainer/ Whiteboard/Animation Video Production Process Includes 7 Steps. At Graph Production, We Guarantee An Individual Approach To Your Project, Considering Your Target Audience, Business Goals, And KPIs.

1. Briefing

We will make your requirements outline and discuss the animation style, mission, and length of your explainer video.

2. Script

Our team will create a script that will enable you to tell a compelling story about your business, product or service.

3. Storyboard

At this stage, our digital artists will prepare a simplified visual representation of how the final explainer video will unfold.

4. Illustrations

Our graphic designers will develop a unique visual style and convert the storyboard into a set of beautiful illustrations.

5. Voice over

We collaborate with talented voice artists that can provide a powerful voice for your video. So, you can choose any voice, gender, and language.

6. Animation

At this phase, we breathe life into static illustrations and create animation. We bring together a script, illustrations, and voiceover into an exciting story.

7. Sound Design

According to the pricing package you choose, we can choose a royalty-free sound or create unique music for your animated explainer video.

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